No Prison in Salt Lake City

Proposed Prison Relocation in Salt Lake City

The Prison Relocation Commission has been working on a plan to move the Utah State Prison, and two of the sites under strong consideration are located in Salt Lake City.

The next meeting of the State Prison Relocation Commission is December 22 at 2:00 p.m. in Room 210 of the Senate Building at the Utah State Capitol. Please note, public comment is not scheduled to be taken during this meeting but the public is welcome to attend. Opportunity for public comment will be outlined during the meeting.

You can start voicing your concerns now by emailing or calling Prison Relocation Commission Members. Tell State leaders why the Salt Lake City options should be taken off the table!


Proposed Prison Relocation in SLC - Press Conference in Opposition

Salt Lake City Council Statement in Opposition of Prison Relocation in SLC

The Salt Lake City Council believes building a massive prison in the Capital city would be a mistake.

The State Prison Relocation Commission, in identifying two locations within Salt Lake City as potential sites for relocating the prison, has not fully examined existing conditions and future potential for the sites. Parcel by parcel, neighborhood by neighborhood, a decision to build here does not add up, and it drastically hinders both good environmental stewardship and appropriate economic development on many fronts. Read more

Processing of Sexual Assault Kits

Council Sets New City Policy Direction For Dealing With Sexual Assault Cases

The Salt Lake City Council has set a progressive new policy direction for the City when dealing with sexual assault cases.  On December 2,  the Council adopted an ordinance requiring all past and future sexual assault DNA kits be submitted to labs for testing.

It also requires the Salt Lake Police Department to report on performance measures as part of the annual budget process. This is an issue the Council has prioritized and thoroughly researched with input from the Police Department, District Attorney and constituents over the course of several months. Read more.

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