No Prison in Salt Lake City

Proposed Prison Relocation in Salt Lake City

The Prison Relocation Commission (PRC) has been working on a plan to move the Utah State Prison, and one of the sites under strong consideration is located in Salt Lake City. See the latest PRC report.

The Commission has until August 1 to pick a location. The Legislature must approve the eventual prison site. Governor Gary Herbert would have a chance to approve or veto. The PRC’s next meeting is TBA. Voice your concerns now by emailing or calling Prison Relocation Commission Members.

Read background or visit the State’s website for more information.



Up Next: Budget Deliberations for Council’s Recreation, Green Space, Golf Recommendations

Up Next: Budget Deliberations for Recreation, Green Space, Golf Recommendations

After years of public input, independent reviews and an “open call” for ideas, The Salt Lake City Council has sent a set of recommendations to the Mayor’s office that would create new recreational opportunities, expand the City’s open green space and preserve the long-term viability of the City’s golf courses.

The Mayor now has the option to review the recommendations and incorporate them within a budget proposal for the Fiscal Year 2015-16. The Mayor presents the budget plan to the Council in early May, which kicks off a series of budget hearings open to the public. Once the Mayor unveils a budget plan for FY 2015-16 it will become apparent which of the Council’s recommendations have been incorporated, and to what extent.

The public will have multiple opportunities to weigh in on the budget before the Council takes final action in mid-June.  Read more info on the budget process here.

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