Police Chief to Outline Lethal Force Practices & Policies on February 16

Police use of lethal force is scheduled to be reviewed at a daytime Work Session of the Salt Lake City Council on Tuesday, February 16.

Interim Police Chief Mike Brown will outline for the Council the Salt Lake City Police Department’s lethal force statistics, policies and officer training, including de-escalation training. The time for the police briefing is 2:20 p.m. and is listed on an agenda here.

The public is invited to attend the briefing in room 326 of the City & County Building, or follow the discussion by watching SLCTV Ch. 17 or online.  Public comment is not part of the Work Session, but the Formal Meeting that night includes an open podium where people have two minutes to comment on any topic, and starts at 7:00 p.m.



Council Workshop Produces 2016 Priorities

With new leadership and two new members, the Salt Lake City Council has launched into the new year with focus on the needs of the Capital City.

Council Members met in a public workshop in January, hashing out priority projects to direct work in 2016. Projects include advancing work on Housing, Homelessness, Street repairs & funding, and Economic Development.

A follow-up discussion on the priority items was held on February 2. Read the Council staff report and watch the Council’s discussion here. Input from the public is always a priority as the plan for the projects develop.

View information on previous Council priorities here.

February 2 Council Meeting

What Happened at the February 9 Meeting?

The February 9 meeting discussions included the Council’s 2016 Economic Development priority, update on public parking and parking enforcement, and more. Read a summary of the work session and formal meeting here.

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