Annual City Budget Discussions Begin; Public Hearings on May 24 & June 7

Another budget season has begun at City Hall – a time when the budgets for roads, police officers, water & garbage, fire-fighting, parking enforcement, greenery, and all things dealing with City dollars & cents are discussed.

The Mayor presented her proposed budget to the Council on May 3 . The Council will hold weekly public discussions throughout May and June, examining budget priorities for the upcoming fiscal year, which begins in July, including funding for basic City services and enhancements to programs. Agendas for those meetings can be accessed here when they become available.

The Council wants to hear from you! Residents are encouraged to participate in the budget process. Send your comments to the Council or attend a public hearing. Budget hearings will be held in May 24 and June 7.  The budget must be voted on By June 22.

FF Session 1

Send your ideas for economic development; It’s the top Council priority for 2016

The Council has selected economic development as a top priority for 2016, and has scheduled a series of public discussions throughout the year. We are soliciting ideas for improvement from everyone with business experience in Salt Lake City.

The first in our series of fact-finding sessions on April 19 featured an exciting array of people from the business and development community. See the meeting here.

Your suggestions can become part of this economic development exploration for our City. Join us by answering four key questions on the City’s online forum, Open City Hall.  Your responses and others will add breadth to our discussions.

Read more about the Council’s 2016 economic development priority. The next session to be scheduled soon!

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