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Council Adjusts November Meeting Schedule

The Council has changed its meeting schedule for November.

  • There will not be a meeting on Thursday, November 6, but instead just a Work Session on November 4 from 2:00 – 7:00 p.m.
  • A nighttime Formal Meeting will not be held on November 4, so the public comment period will return two weeks later.
  • Another change in the schedule is the addition of a Formal Meeting to an already scheduled daytime Work Session on November 18.
Help Shape the Future of SLC Golf Courses

Help get the City’s Golf Fund out of the rough!

The Council is soliciting ideas from business-minded people who wish to help address significant financial and operational challenges in the City’s Golf Enterprise Fund. Read more about this call for ideas here. Deadline for submissions is December 1, 2014.

The City conducted an orientation session for anyone interested in getting a deeper understanding of the information. See the recorded version on the Golf Resource Library webpage.

Additionally, over the summer the Council took a number of steps toward resolving the golf system’s dilemmas. Read more about those steps here.

Dogs, Parks, and Trails: Where's the Balance?

Dogs, Parks, and Trails: Where’s the Balance?

The Salt Lake City Council wants your suggestions for how to balance off-leash dogs with other park and trail uses

The Salt Lake City Council’s goal is to expand opportunities for residents to enjoy outdoor activities with their off-leash dogs while minimizing impacts on other people, on health and safety, on parks and open space, on nature and wildlife, and on Salt Lake City’s budget.

Read recommendations that aim to balance off-leash dogs with other park and trail uses and share your thoughts here.

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