Homelessness to Housing

Next Step for New Homeless Resource Centers: Public Input on Overall Design

The next phase for placing four new Homeless Resource Centers in Salt Lake City is moving ahead with a broad public participation process to take input on how to ensure the facilities best fit well into the surrounding neighborhoods.

The four locations for the Resource Centers, which will be designed to provide comprehensive services for people experiencing homelessness, were announced on December 13, 2016. They were chosen after a thorough review of the best available sites based on criteria established during an earlier phase of public input during the late summer.

Locations of the new homeless resource centers

– Input opportunities on Center sites

Starting in January, public input on building design, safety and security for people experiencing homelessness and surrounding neighbors, and integrating the buildings into the surrounding neighborhoods will be welcomed at a series of workshops (three workshops have been held), public meetings and other forums.

Those input opportunities include City Council Meetings (next formal meeting Feb. 7 at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall) and other meetings to be scheduled. Can’t make a meeting? Offer input here at Open City Hall, the City’s online forum.


– What will the resource centers offer?

In addition to shelter, the resource centers will offer mental health and substance abuse treatment, job skills training, daytime amenities and more. The approach is a great improvement over the current model, as it will focus on providing services to help move individuals from homelessness to housing. The City will work closely with the communities where the resource centers will be built to mitigate potential impacts. We’ve heard from many of you about concerns with the new Homeless Resource Center sites and want to provide information related to the questions and concerns. View responses here.

For questions, comments, and concerns please email the City’s dedicated email address homelessinfo@slcgov.com. Your input will be shared with both the Mayor and Council Members. For additional information please visit the homeless resource centers webpage.

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