Processing of Sexual Assault Kits

Sexual Assault Kit Processing

The Salt Lake City Council has set a progressive new policy direction for the City when dealing with sexual assault cases. The Council, in an ongoing discussion with SLC Police, aims to improve the processing of sexual assault evidence collection kits also known as Code R Kits or rape kits. This may ultimately require the submission of all future and untested kits for DNA analysis. Read more.

9 Line Master Plan Aerial Rendering

Shape the Future of Salt Lake City’s Westside!

Two important planning documents, the West Salt Lake and 9 Line Master Plans, are in the final stages. The plans involve many parts of the West Salt Lake community –from business development to housing and outdoor recreation. A vote on these two plans may come this month or next. You still have time to share your thoughts on the plans at the City’s online forum Open City Hall.

Watch a short video of District Two Council Member, Kyle LaMalfa discussing the West Salt Lake Master Plan and the 9 Line Master Plan.

Ground Transportation Amendments, Ride Sharing

Proposed Ground Transportation Changes

The  Council will likely consider changes to the City’s ground transportation regulations on November 25.

The proposed changes would impact ground transportation companies, which include taxicabs, shuttles, limousines, and more. It would allow “transportation network companies” such as Uber and Lyft to operate in Salt Lake City.

Learn more about the proposal at  Open City Hall.


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