City budget process soon fully underway; Your input is desired!

One of the most important avenues for the public to have a role in shaping our City is the annual budget deliberations, which begin in the spring and run through late June.

This year, 2017, is no different. The budget is one of the Council’s strongest policy-making tools, because it is an effective way to set goals and establish priorities.

Public participation is critical to the budget process, due to the many important decisions involved. View ways to submit your comments on the budget here.

Public Hearings for the 2017-18 City budget

May 16, May 23 & June 6  — all at 7 p.m.

Room 315 of City Hall

451 South State Street

The Mayor officially presents a recommended budget to the Council on May 2 (for the fiscal year of July 1 – June 30). Before adopting the annual budget by June 22, the Council holds several discussions in May and June – all of which are open to the public. Read more about budget development here.

Public hearings are also held to give residents and business owners a chance to weigh-in. The Council welcomes your input. Read an overview of the City budget process or see this video

Zoning regulations for Homeless Resource Centers to receive Council public hearing

The City Council will soon be asking for comments on a proposed zoning amendment involving standards for homeless resource centers.

The proposal received a favorable recommendation from the Planning Commission on March 22. A briefing before the Council and a public hearing will be scheduled in the coming months.  Learn about the proposed standards on the City’s online forum, Open City Hall.

Two homeless resource centers are being planned for Salt Lake City. This ordinance would affect the conditions, or regulations for any Center in Salt Lake City. Some features of the proposal, as passed by the Planning Commission, are:

  • Creating a definition outlining the purpose of a homeless resource center
  • Identifying homeless resource centers as a conditional use in areas that currently permit homeless shelters
  • Creating requirements that address potential negative impacts of homeless resource centers and homeless shelters

The draft ordinance is available here. In the meantime,  you also can attend any upcoming 7:00 p.m. formal meeting to address the full Council during the general comment period. Find out when the next formal meeting is here, or call 801-535-7600.

For questions, comments, and concerns please email Your input will be shared with the Mayor and Council Members.

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